About Us


'The quality of domestic TV systems continues to get higher and higher: Wide screen TVs with 1080 progressively scanned lines are now the minimum standard whilst 4K – also known as UHD with 3,840 x 2,160 pixels TVs are becoming readily available.

Consumers can now even watch films at home as intended by the director for cinema, at 24 frames per second. Herein lies the paradox: in many areas of television production standards have declined as budgets are reduced and production companies are forced to spend less on the acquisition stage of the production process.

We at Peach TV believe that high production values are paramount whatever the budget. All of our producers and technical crew are broadcast professionals who excel at their chosen trades and feel passionately about maintaining standards.

We believe that getting the best results in the can is what's important!

Our approach

We start by focusing on your objective, translating it into your audience's langauge and adding the creativity that will capture their imagination.

Whether the video is intended for internal distribution (e.g. for training or presentation videos) or meant for public consumption (i.e. for media pickup via B-roll, a Video News Release, or as a corporate information film) we will tailor a solution to fit your objectives and your budget.

We don't compromise on any stage of the production, especially the acquisition process - where it really counts. We use broadcast quality kit and skilled cameramen in order to acquire media professionally.


Alison Cooper specialises in video scripts, original, creative copy and strongly news led press releases. A former TV and radio journalist, senior producer and assistant programme editor for ITN, Alison has seven years of experience in writing and creating PR, marketing and video content.

Richard Perry has been shooting current affairs, documentaries and news for nearly 20 years. His existing regular clients include Sky, BBC and Aljazeera. When he’s not travelling the World plying his trade for them he’s shooting and directing promos and commercials.