Media Training

Preparing you for contact with the media, be it radio, television or the press, is our business, and it has been for over fifteen years. In that time we have developed a range of practical media training techniques and courses to explain how the media works and to allow individuals to cope with its demands.

Our instructors are experienced ex-(and current) BBC and Sky News professional broadcast journalists and crew : ‘Poachers turned game keepers’.
We can offer a range of realistic scenarios and locations by bringing the cameras and a workshop team to your office. In addition to the usual interview scenarios We are able to create a live ‘down the line’ scenario where the interviewee is grilled from a studio whilst staring into the camera lens.

However, many clients prefer to come to us - see details of our facilities right.

Training facilities

We have access to a Westminster-based Broadcast TV studio, equipped with multi-cameras, teleprompt and director's gallery, where we can create a realistic simulation of a studio based TV interview using broadcast journalists.

We can simulate live interviews, radio interviews or "down the line" studio interviews.

The results can be viewed and assessed in the comfort of the 'green room’.